Meet the Team

Adrienne Houlehan

Adrienne Houlehan is our Team Administrator. An experienced educator based out of Kansas City and rooted in organization, efficiency and the ability to connect others in meaningful ways. She manages all back-end tasks for The Effective Communication Coach, supporting the team's mission to inspire and influence leaders everywhere. Adrienne will help you with scheduling, contracts, invoices, event coordination and any questions you may have in this amazing process.

Teej Boone

Teej Boone The Creative Coach is all things creative! With a focus on wardrobe styling and creative direction. He has manifested the vision of many businesses and brands through photo, film & print demonstrations. Directing all aspects of photoshoots from overall vision, location & wardrobe to planning, strategizing, and execution. He ensures his client's image matches the message they want their audience to receive. Teej’s unique style and keen eye for detail have validated his perspective on all things creative. Teej has masterfully cultivated The Effective Communication Coach's vision and elevated her visual presence through creative planning and strategy, producing tangible results!