Written Testimonials

"Thank you for your coaching sessions with CMH students and parents. Your presentations were "spot on" and appropriately adjusted for each audience. We specifically appreciate how you incorporated our faith into your presentations. Your impact is very effective. We look forward to continuing our work together. "

Liz Kayzar - Catholic Memorial High School Dean of Instructional Innovation

"Bring Denise Thomas back ANYTIME! She is a dynamic facilitator and excellent communicator. "

Attendee - Milwaukee Area Technical College "Employee Development Day"

"Denise - You are incredible! Thank you for such an engaging and motivating session. I love how your session wrapped up our Internationals Women's Day sessions because it really imparted a forward-looking plan for associates on how to lead. It was exactly what we were looking for…as evidenced by that lively chat box."

Kristin Brogan - BAIRD Senior Vice President

"Denise Thomas’ EMPOWERING Session was extremely valuable and truly the highlight of the day."

Attendee - Milwaukee Area Technical College "Employee Development Day"

"Denise is a dynamo! The energy she brought to the workshops she conducted for the WI State Public Defender's Office was infectious and invigorating. Our core staff left her workshops feeling not only re-energized but equipped with skills to engage in positive self-talk and communicate with empathy and openness with others in the workplace. I highly recommend Denise for your organization!"

Gina Pruski - Director of Training & Development

"Denise Thomas' energy was a delightful treat and there were some aha moments for me."

Attendee - Milwaukee Area Technical College "Employee Development Day"

"If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming corporate event, look no further than Denise Thomas. She spoke at our Americas Summit last month about effective communications for teams in this COVID era we are all managing through. Check her out!"

Rod Clough - President - Americas, HVS

"I enjoyed the breakout sessions in the "Leading & Influencing with Your Best Authentic Self" session. I was able to express my true feelings and had the opportunity to hear others express themselves so it was nice to know I am not alone."

Attendee - Milwaukee Area Technical College "Employee Development Day"

"Denise was very inspirational, transparent, and authentic. Her encouragement was a reminder we are all worthy. "

Attendee - Milwaukee Area Technical College "Employee Development Day"

"Thank you so much for your incredible talk with our Women’s ERG! Your vibrant and bold words inspired not only the women and allies in person, but also reached the hundreds streaming live. In speaking with attendees afterwards and reading through so many kind messages, you truly impacted our audience positively, many indicating that for the first time in their careers they felt seen. These statements show not only how powerful your words are, but your techniques can be used to bring the changes the women at NM need to continue thriving in the workplace."

Kelley Post - Sr Marketing Communications Mgr., Field Marketing Experience